How do I know when I am not growing in Christ, even when I love going for meetings and listening to the Word?

Naturally, as long as you are eating healthy, there is a very high likelihood of growth.

In the case of spiritual things our food is the Word of Truth which we receive via preaching and teaching.

Love for meetings and listening to the Word indicates healthy development. (1Pet 2:2). You may not be able to definitively catalogue your day-to-day growth in the spirit, but a few indicators include:

  1. Ability to obey God’s instructions more promptly
  2. Increase in love capacity – Loving God and loving His People (1 Cor. 13)
  3. Increase in faith capacity – Believing and obeying God’s word even when it doesn’t appeal to our senses.

This is just to mention a few.

These and other indicators can be observed over time (and are usually revealed in seasons of pressure).

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