How do I handle materials such as songs or books which are not Spirit-filled, but necessary for my academics or career?

Obviously, we are surrounded by materials that have no bearing to our spiritual heritage or God’s purpose for our lives.

Some of these are recommended texts in schools and are helpful in our respective career paths. Examples of such materials are books that center on motivation, among others.

There is nothing wrong with using those materials for academic or career purposes strictly. The error some believers fall into is adopting the principles of these materials in their personal lives.

It gets so bad for some believers that those principles replace their convictions about God’s Word.

Those things should be kept in the head and not in the heart because nothing is permitted to govern the life of a believer except the revealed will of God in the Gospel.

When it comes to music, however, great care must be exercised because of the unique way it appeals to the soul.

Someone rightly said, “Every song is a vehicle that takes you back to its source”.

Hence, one of the major tools that the enemy uses to perpetuate and strengthen his reign in the souls of men is music that is not born of the Spirit of God.

Except it is utterly mandatory to use these musical tracks for professional or academic purposes, they are to be rejected because they serve as conduits of a life which is against God’s.

We cannot afford to be ignorant of this. We must “guard our hearts with ALL DILIGENCE” in order to escape the snare of the fowler in this regard. (Proverbs 4:23).

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