How can I cope or grow in a church where the messages focus solely on the “milk” of the Word of God?

One of the crucial indications of spiritual advancement is the ability to submit to Spiritual authority.

The key spiritual authority is your Pastor. The Lord is well aware of the spiritual status of each one of his people, and he is the one that sets the solitary in families.

So, He is aware of the spiritual level of everyone in every assembly of His people on earth. If He placed you in that church, He did it in His wisdom.

He is also the one that has blessed you with deeper insight by “changing your taste”.

How do you cope?

Here are a few tips:

1. Remain humble.

Actually, the fact that your pastor is speaking milk of the Word does not mean you cannot be blessed under his ministration. The Lord knows you still need it. When he sees you need a new assembly He will work it out in such a way that there will be no bitterness between you and your pastor.

2. Pray for better insight.

As long as the disparity in the meal is a source of concern, it is an indication that you need a heart large and humble enough to fellowship with any set of God’s people.

3. Get more committed in church.

No amount of sight should make you less committed to the church of Christ. Your local assembly is your family and is greatly helped by your commitment. Spiritual growth should engender greater service.

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