Are You a Youth or Single?

Young people seek to fill the void in their souls. Unfortunately, the world only offers false satisfaction which has left many trapped in vices, habits, rebellion, disobedience and lack of fulfillment…

… But the LORD is raising a new generation that will stand strong in His will. 

He wants to meet with you in the days of your youth. He wants you to come into an everlasting fellowship with Him. So, now, It is time to discover the true reason for living. The time has come to develop strength from within you to rise above the prevailing darkness in this generation. 

Welcome to Singlz’ Summit! šŸ‘šŸŽ‰

We Choose the Way of the Cross

God be praised for Singlz’ Summit 2023!

What to Expect at the Annual Singlz' Summit!

The Undiluted Word of Truth!

God’s Word is Eternal Truth, and it holds the key to abundant living for you! At Singlz’ Summit, the Word is accorded first place, and over the years, the Spirit of God has touched hundreds of young people by the Word.

Effectual Worship.

Enjoy an atmosphere of intense worship as young people from diverse backgrounds pour out their hearts in worship and surrender to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.Ā 

Lasting Change.

God is interested in setting young people free from age-long habits! At Singlz’ Summit, God’s presence is real, bringing about lasting change.

The time of your youth and 'singlehood' is precious beyond description. Invest yours thoroughly in God, and you'll avoid choking regrets later in life.
Pastor Emeka Egwuchukwu, Convener, Singlz' Summit

Testimonies from Past Summits

Different Singlz' Summits have marked points of deep understanding and change for me. I began to understand God's purpose for my life as a Youth and Single, and this has helped me withstand the pressures that come with this season of life.
I was thrilled to be in an auditorium filled with young people who are panting after God! Interestingly, I made quite a number of friends. Aside that, my life was greatly touched and I began to realize a new hope for my generation.
Participating in Singlz' Summit for the past three years has been nothing short of great help. The Truth of God's Word has set me free from infirmities. Now my hunger for God has increased tremendously.

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